Better Link Strategies For More Traffic

Most Denver SEO services are aimed at optimizing a site to rank well on Google. There is little doubt that this major search engine is capable of delivering the most traffic. However, Yahoo! and Bing also command a sizable share of Internet searches. When optimizing for Google, is it also possible to optimize a website for the other two?

Google vs. Yahoo! and Bing

It helps to consider the similarities first. While Google is independent, the other two work together. This makes SEO for all three a bit simpler because Bing and Yahoo! share some search results.

These are the major similarities between all three:

High-quality links: All three search engines consider quality links. Of these, Google is probably the most fickle about link quality.

Local searches: All three do return local results, so optimizing for geographic area matters.

It's pretty basic to say that SEO should include high-quality links and attention to local search, if applicable. Once these basics are attended to, it's time to consider the differences:

Keywords: Google is more sophisticated about recognizing synonyms and context.

Queries with more than one meaning: Google tends to favor the most authoritative websites, but the others tend to favor more local websites.

Age and authority of domains: Google tends to favor quality over age. The others give more weight to domain age than Google does. They all tend to favor .EDU and .GOV sites and links.

Title tags: Google doesn't emphasize title tags as much as the others do.

Social: Nobody exactly know how Google handles social links, but Bing has stated that they use social as part of the ranking scheme.

Flash: Bing can understand here Flash content and may even give it a boost. Google doesn't seem to have caught up here.

It's obvious that many of the same things that help websites rank on Google will also help with the others. However, it seems as if content needs to be more direct for Yahoo! and Bing to understand it. Also, the the other two engines tend to give title tags more weight. That might be why older pages that were more optimized for keywords tend to rank with more stability on Bing than on Google.

SEOs should pay some attention to all three of these major search engines. Doing anything else misses out on traffic. It also ensures more stability if ranking algorithms change on one search engine.

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